Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Secrets of Ancient Man

Hello from the Ancient Man Team!

We realize that our online presence has been rather lacking for quite some time - but we are not gone! In fact, in the months of our absence, we have been hard at work! Our new book, the fruit of much labor, meetings, prayer, research, writing, editing, rewriting, more prayer, and more meetings, is about to be released!

Secrets of Ancient man, Ancient man, rebellion, ruins, cover

We are so excited about this next installment in the Ancient Man story. In the new book, you will find lots of intriguing and fascinating info about ancient cultures, cities, people and artifacts - all the things you loved about Genius. We've added more detail and more depth and some of our favorite evidences of God's design. Secrets is set up chronologically so that you can trace the history of ancient times more clearly as civilizations rose and fell throughout time.

But where Genius sought to defend the intelligence of Ancient Man and combat the secular evolutionary paradigm of slow progress - the main focus of this new book is different. In Secrets we focus on tracing the rebellion of ancient man - their desire to "make a name" for themselves as we see clearly in the account of Babel (Genesis 11). Join us again as we travel through time and immerse ourselves in the ancient cultures, seeking to discern the motivating factors and philosophical worldview that led the ancient people to worship, live, build, conquer, and create. We think you will find that ancient man has much in common with present-day man when it comes down to the heart, attitudes, and goals of life.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:
Knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding. Mankind yearns for these. We find ourselves enthralled with secrets, mysteries, and riddles. Man is seduced by the unknown and enticed by the offer of revelation. Perhaps this is why we pursue science so passionately and we seek desperately to unearth the remnants of our ancestors. It is seen in our religions, literature, philosophy and art. It is evidenced by our exploration of earth, the moon, and deep space. We have this innate impression that there is something we don’t know, something important that we must discover, something more to life than this.
God created mankind as finite beings, but Adam and Eve originally had a close relationship with the infinite Creator! He was the source of all the knowledge that they had; He was the lawgiver and provider of their needs. Yet an unavoidable characteristic of finite beings is ignorance. To be finite is to lack understanding and information that the infinite, by definition, must have. And to be finite is to be always learning more and adding to what knowledge has been acquired. God created mankind to desire knowledge and with the capability to obtain it, but He also created us to trust Him, and to trust that He has provided us with all we need to know.
For Adam and Eve, even while living in the splendor of God’s undefiled creation, even with the opportunity of talking to the infinite God, Satan was able use their finiteness to tempt them with knowledge that they didn’t have. Satan offered god-like status simply through acquiring knowledge – they would be like their Creator if only they knew more.
They were confronted with the reality of their own limited knowledge in contrast to the all-knowing mind of God. Perhaps some part of them was offended that God was withholding something from them. Perhaps their pride told them that they deserved to be equal with God. Perhaps it was just the human fascination with the mysterious unknown, the “what ifs” and the “why nots” that we all ache to answer. Satan made them the offer, a way to get beyond their mere humanity, the opportunity was right there in front of them. Reach out, taste, and know...
Ever since, Satan has been offering, tempting, and luring mankind to fulfill their desire to know. Yet the result of his offer never satisfies. It leaves us feeling even emptier than ever and more desperate to find the answers.
We have discovered that when you study the ancient cultures, you can see this desperation to find answers, to discover the unknown, to take Satan's offer and become "like God" throughout the centuries of time - right up to present day.

So we invite you to jump in again, search through the ruins, and discover The Secrets of Ancient Man.

Pre-order your copy from Amazon or Answers in Genesis today! Official release date is November 2.